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Purpose and Covenant

Western North Carolina Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members

Purpose and Covenant

In accordance with the 2008 Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church, paragraph 323.1, we as the Western North Carolina Conference Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members (Fellowship) covenant to:

Provide for regular gatherings of local pastors and associate members for continuing formation in relationship to Jesus Christ through such experiences as Bible study, study of issues facing the church and society, and theological exploration in vocational identity and leadership BY:

Meeting no less than annually in conjunction with the annual conference and as often throughout the year as the Fellowship determines for the purpose of participating in the means of grace through:

  • Worship
  • Participating in the holy meal
  • Remembering our baptism
  • Studying scripture
  • Covenanting to pray for the church universal, The United Methodist Church, and one another.

Encourage local pastors in continued study beyond the course of study BY:

  • Covenanting to seek out and participate in the continuing education events sponsored by the general church or local annual conferences  (offer encouragement throughout course of study).

Develop a bond of unity and common commitment to the mission and ministry of The United Methodist Church and the annual conference BY:

  • Being faithful witnesses for Christ and His Church
  • Affirming the connection and being loyal to The United Methodist Church
  • Using the tithe as a standard for giving and sharing our talents and time
  • Continuing to strive to bring unity of the clergy within the Connection

Enable the creation of relationships that allow mutual support and trust BY:

  • Encouraging one another to develop a holy lifestyle that will enable holistic health for ourselves and our families
  • Mentoring each other and holding each other accountable to the rule and order of the fellowship
  • Being forgiving and gracious when we fail each other

Note: The Text in bold italics is from paragraph 323.1, points a-d, of the 2008 edition of The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church.

Adopted by the Western North Carolina Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members on May 3, 2011.