October 13, 2016                                Minutes

The Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members met at Monticello UMC Chapel in Statesville.  Approximately 20 people in attendance (Tony Owens, Secretary absent due to car trouble and Eric Lineberry absent due to school.)
9:30-10            Gathering
Welcome                                                                                   Sue Anne Morris, Chair
Praise Song                                                                              Sanctuary
Praise & Prayers                                                                       Ron Hartman, Past Chair

Many names and situations were lifted up for prayer and praises given to God’s Glory
Homily (What does a Biblical Community Look Like)         Teresa Blanton, Treasurer

Matthew 28:16-20
Response         Holy Communion                       Amy Spivey, Pastor Monticello

Business                                                                                          Sue Anne Morris, Chair

Western North Carolina Fellowship of Local Pastors and Associate Members Purpose and Covenant were distributed at Annual Meeting and had website address on it http://www.wnccfellowhip.org. There is a tab on website for frequently asked questions. The website will be used as a main source of communication.  Ron Hartman volunteered a phone tree call for the Fellowship also.  The Fellowship also has a Facebook page that is regularly being updated.  The group felt that the website is the best tool in order to keep everyone connected.  The District Representatives have a vital part in communication also.

Clarification was given on not wearing stoles as we are licensed not ordained.  Stripes on the sleeve of robes are to be worn only by those who have achieved educational status.  Clerical collars are approved and represent us well in hospital/hospice settings.  Remember your setting and dress appropriately (church spaghetti supper versus hospital visit.)  Always remember that you represent Jesus Christ so dress the part.  Local Pastor’s license restrictions are currently operating under Bishop Goodpaster’s interpretation of the Book of Discipline.  Bishop Leeland will advise us of any changes.

Changes have occurred for Course of Study and now Weekend Course of Study is available for full time Local Pastors.  As of January 2017, there is no age limit on those that want to attend Course of Study.  There are also classes offered on line only through the GBHEM and the applications will be online in 2017.  The cost per course is $300 with a paper application only for now.  No correspondence courses will be offered as they did not work.  The Basic Course of Study classes offered on line with no pre-work are: 121,122,123,124,221,224,321 and Advance Course of Study UM History, UM Doctrine and UM Polity at a cost of $300 per course.  There are two 10 week long sessions a year in January and August.  If you are going on to be Provisional, no more than 10 credit hours may be taken on line.  There is a Course of Study Scholarship Request Form on the Conference website under the Documents to receive $200 per course.  Also for Weekend Course of Study an additional $200 per request to Rev. Kim Ingram, Director of Ministerial Services.

Called and Gifted to Lead Workshop will be December 5-7 at the Catholic Conference Center in Hickory.  This workshop is a 48 hour experience during which you remember your call and best ministry moments, celebrate your strengths, consider your current ministry, identify development needs, and create a 3-5 year plan for growth.  Using feedback, small group experiences, and individual and group leadership coaching, you are able to create a self-directed, individualized plan for your next steps in ministry.  Once you have completed the workshop, you are eligible for up to $1000 in scholarship funds to resource your leadership develop plan.  This is open to all full time and part time Local Pastors and Associate Members.  Go to http://leadwncc.org/called-and-gifted-to-lead/ for more information.

District Representatives for the Fellowship have an important role to play.  They are to get in touch with all Local Pastors and Associate Members in their District in order to keep them up to date with current news.  The fellowship developed in the District groups can make a difference in their ministry support.  Prayer requests, concerns, and needs can then be brought to the Fellowship.  An example occurred with one of the members had an issue with the Local Pastor Group Mentoring program and needed assistance to which Teresa Blanton provided since he was from her District.

Our current District Representatives are

Appalachian:  Jerry Rogers
Blue Ridge:
Catawba Valley:  Cindy Spicer, Teresa Blanton (Treasurer)
Metro:  Dennis Gray, Ron Hartman (Past Chair)
Northern Piedmont:  Debbie Turner, (Sue Anne Morris Chair)
Smoky Mountain:  Steve Miller
Uwharrie:  Jim Groome, Ron Dry
Yadkin Valley:  Tony Owens (Secretary),
Eric Lineberry (Vice Chair)

We need a District Representative for the Blue Ridge District.  Sue Anne will be in contact with the District Office for suggestion.

The Local Pastors that are currently under the Local Pastor Group Mentoring program have a mandatory Retreat on Saturday, April 29, 2017.  There is also a non-mandatory opportunity to stay at a low discounted rate overnight Friday and Saturday.  There will be more information coming in January 2017.  The rest of the Local Pastors will be invited after the mandatory group has applied based on availability.  We are excited about this gift of having a Sabbath weekend.  Mark your calendars!

The meeting ended around 11:45 with prayer and 12 attending lunch at Box Car Grill.

Our next meeting will be February 16, 2017 at First United Methodist Church in Newton, NC gathering at 9:30.  There will be more information in the near future.  We hope to have lunch provided for this meeting.


Sue Anne Morris